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Hi At some point of time: Twitter made changes to search queries & search results.

But currently, I don't have the time to adapt TSieve to Twitters changes.

So for now please use tools other than TSieve to track Twitter conversations.

Good luck. Thank you.







 Terms Of Use:   (If you disagree, please discontinue use)

  1. No guarantees of any kind are made for TSieve
  2. Visitors hold the developer as liable for a max of  0 $ for any event that occurs during use of TSieve

 I'm a new user - What do you suggest doing first ?

   Read through this web page. Then use the TSieve Input Page

 Purpose & Features:

    TSieve is a small app to help users track Twitter conversations:
  • with the timeline on a single page (one browser tab) - so it's easy to track multiple conversations
  • without missing replies in the timeline

 System Requirements:

  1. Any web browser that can view the TSieve Input Page

    ( Target pages of Announcements links below were lost when Jimdo closed a forum )

    ( Please see Lost Announcements )

  2. Mobile (touchscreen) requirements are similar to STableE - see this post
  3. Mobile (touchscreen) users - see this post about omitted tweets

 TSieve Input Page:  

     Click here to use TSieve (pronounced like Sieve)

Thanks to:   Visitors, Jimdo, PythonAnywhere & AdSella

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